Top 3 natural food stores in Montreal

The natural food is that thing which maintains our health and makes the body fit. Eating healthy food is one of the essential aspects of our life. In Montreal city, there is very less chance of finding the natural food store. But there is no need to work; you can easily find the store from Google. You just need to type a natural food store in Montreal, and you will find several stores.

While searching the stores makes sure that these are providing the original products or not. If not then try to find the one which provides organic food at affordable price.

Concordia’s Farmers’ Market

This is especially started for students and teachers for proving fresh and organic food. Here the students will get fresh veggies to homemade bread. Through this shop, the students are getting the food just like home comfort.

BioTerre Épicerie Santé

Here you will get more than organic food; it means you have the choice to buy several products. From the eating goods to cosmetic you will get all the products. With this, you can easily find the goods which you want. Now there is no need to roam around several shops for buying the goods.

Le Frigo Vert

Here you will get drinking things it means whatever the drinking things you want you can. The best thing is that they will provide several ranges at affordable prices. Without mixing of chemicals, it means you will get pure and fresh juice or coffee.

Thus, these are three main stores that provide you natural food. Through this, you will get organic food at an affordable price.


How to make sailboat safe when there is no use?


We have heard about several aspects of making fun, but one of them is a sailboat. It is a small thing but very impactful for every age people. One can make a perfect combination of enjoyment and collecting memories. The Rc Sailboat is the best way to spend time with family. Those who like to make a nearby picnic river then they can take the sailboat with them and explain some aspects of operating it. As a responsible family member, you always admire to have a perfect picnic with lots of fun.

So the sailboats are the best option because you can make a race with children. When it comes to buying it then as a common man, you always admire to get it at a reasonable price with better quality. Once you have used it, you need to keep two aspects in mind. These are:

Put it in a model box           

Once you have used it then try to make a box of glass where it can be stored. You need to keep the thing in your mind that it doesn’t catch dust. It is because it is consist of small things which may get destroyed with dust, so it is essential to put it in the model box. If you have older one then takes the use of it.

Continue check

As a responsible person, try to keep checking of sailboats not regularly. Try to use it in one month with leads to make the engines accurate.

Thus, these are some aspects that you need to keep in mind when there is no need for the sailboat.

The different types of e-Commerce Business

E-commerce industry has seen a significant rise over in business in the recent years. Thanks to the modern technology that facilitated the whole process. This technology has taken the business industry to a completely new level. Everyone now wants to move to the e-commerce site to get their business going. Many new startups come up every day. Some remain alive while other digestion.

The main reason is that they don’t have a complete idea about the types of the online business that exist in the market. It is very important for a business to know the basis of that system. The concepts of E-commerce business can help you if you are planning over to make an online business. The three common types of concepts are as discussed.

Business-to-business (B2B)

This type of transaction takes place between two businesses. A company sells the goods to another company. The public does not get involved in this. This business is done in a closed environment. This type of business generally remains limited to manufacturers, wholesalers, and producers.


This is the most general type. In B2C the transaction is done between the business or company to end consumers. Retailing and distribution mainly do here. The end user place the order over the internet and the business look for the delivery. Amazon, Alibaba, are examples of these type of e-commerce.

The reason this model is famous is that customers can buy the product directly from the retail and hence the middle cost is just cut off. The customers hence get a price much less than the market. Moreover, the delivery has also been very fast.


This is also an important concept of business that has evolved very much with the rising of olx and eBay. In C2C, the transactions took place between customers to the customer. However, an online platform has to facilitate the process. Here the platform does not help in the delivery. The customer has to make the delivery since the order is confirmed. However many sites now check in for the delivery too because of the frauds cases and the reputation of the company going down.

This model requires a lot of planning to be involved. This concept is a bit tricky because of reselling and buying old goods.

Other types

Other types have raised popularity in recent years:

  1. Consumer-to-Business:

This is the complete reversal of the B2C type. In this, consumers sell their product to the company.

  1. Business-to-Administration:

This type is the transaction that is done between the companies to the administrative bodies, such as social security, legal papers etc. This thing has been popular in the recent years with the government shifting to online services.

  1. Consumer-to- Administration:

These transactions are done between the individuals and the administration such as tax filing.


The different types of business models of e-commerce have its advantages and disadvantages. So before stepping into the business, you should learn all the different types of business and then make the decision accordingly.